Day 1 – Part II: Run Fatboy Run

Getting ready to go run for the first time in a long time. The sidewalk that wraps around my sons school is the perfect track for running. Four laps equals a mile.


It was a good start. Fern, Hauoli, Citron and Pumehana. These four streets wrap around Lunalilo Elementary. I did 8 laps in about 45 minutes, taking turns walking, running, walking, running.


I’m home now and I’m hungry. A quick snack of Honey Wheat Pretzel Twists. Seven twists is 120 calories, 20 from fat. It’s almost six o’clock so whatever I eat in the next half hour is my last meal for the rest of the night. Not eating late at night is going to be my toughest challenge.

Late night challenge. It’s almost 9 o’clock and I’ve had two mandarin oranges at 35 calories each, 70 total, 0 from fat.

One ounce of salted cashews, about 18 pieces, 160 calories, 110 from fat. “Holy Sh*t! Who knew?”

14 tortilla chips, 280 calories, 120 from fat. Four tbsp. of salsa, 20 calories, 0 from fat.

650 calories, 250 from fat since my run tonight. Add that with the 760 calories, 30 from fat from the first half of my day and I’m looking at a total of 1,410 calories, 280 from fat for the whole day.

What have I learned? Most of my fat calories came from the cashews and chips I had tonight so those are out of the picture. Eating fruit isn’t really that hard to do. Well tomorrow is another day.


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