Day 2: Weights and Stairs

It’s Day 2 and things are going pretty good. For breakfast this morning I had another medium sized Fuji apple, 100 calories and a slice of dry wheat toast, 90 calories, 10 from fat. I also had a few slices of a mandarin orange that my son didn’t finish. That’s a hard part about being a parent and eating healthy is the habit of finishing your children’s snacks, but if I give them healthy snacks then finishing what they don’t eat shouldn’t be a problem.



I worked out with my weights today and did 3 reps of 20 curls with a 20 pound curl bar. I also did 3 reps of 15 “somethings” I don’t know what they’re called. If you do, please tell me. Then I did 3 reps of 10 “something else” with a ten pound dumbbell, again I don’t know what they’re called, in fact I kind of just made it up.



After my weights I tied on my shoes and headed for the stairwell. I did really good on the stairs. Starting at the ground floor and climbing to the roof was 134 stairs and I did it 4 times so… 536 steps up and 536 steps down. I didn’t time myself but judging from the amount of sweat I produced, oh hell I don’t know.



After the stairs I’m back in my apartment, uploading videos and thinking about what to have for lunch today. One of my homemade chicken and pepper jack cheese quesadillas sounds good right about now. I counted how many calories it would be to make one and it’s about 500 calories, half of them from fat. That’s not bad for lunch, right? Maybe I’ll just have a bowl of cereal instead.

If anyone has any advice about what I can do to make my diet or exercise work better for me, please don’t hesitate to tell me.


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  1. Hey dude,
    Nice blog! Going through your posts. Just a little tip on the terminology, reps are the amount of repetitions you do continuously for an exercise, e.g. 20 reps. Sets are the amount of times you do those reps, e.g. 3 sets of 20 reps.

    Also, those “somethings” are upright rows. They work your lateral deltoids (outside shoulders), and your trapezius muscles if you shrug (upper shoulder/neck). I’m not sure what the “something else”s are called, but you’re kind of doing a close-grip shoulder press (the up one), and that tends to work your anterior deltoids (front shoulders), with what would be the end of front raise (which also works your anterior deltoid).

    Keep it up mate. Also, search the net for bodyweight exercises! Check out this NerdFitness workout:

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