Day 3: Egyptian Curry

I woke up this morning and every muscle from the waist down was sore. Well, not every muscle, but my thighs and calfs definitely were. That stair climbing really works.

Oh last night I had 14 tortilla chips, 280 calories, 120 from fat and four tbsp. of salsa, 20 calories. A mandarin orange, 35 calories and one of my children’s chocolate chip cookies, 100 calories. Add that to yesterday’s 905 calories for a total of 1340 calories.

So today I got the kids ready and took them to school at about eight o’clock and then proceeded on my two-mile bicycle ride up to the University campus. But before leaving home I ate half of my son’s Eggo waffle with butter and syrup, it was only 3 bites.

I spent most of the morning in the library doing last minute tweeks to a ten page paper while snacking on a ziplock bag of pretzel twists that I brought from home. 14 twists at 240 calories, 40 from fat.

At about one o’clock this afternoon I ventured out of the library and walked over to the “sustainability courtyard” to find some lunch. There are two places that serve up some really tasty vegetarian cuisine. My favorite is the Egyptian Curry plate for only $4.76


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