Day 5: The Bicycle

This morning I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

1 cup of Honey Bunches of Oats is 170 calories, 20 from fat.

1 cup of Skim Milk is 90 calories, 0 from fat.

After taking the kids to school I came home and prepared to start my day via “The Bicycle.” I love my bike, it’s my bread and butter. It is my main mode of transportation, recreation, meditation and acceleration. Like I said in my intro video, I ride my bike at least 5 miles a day but without a healthy diet and other forms of exercise, it’s just not enough to lose these extra pounds.


First I biked across town to Honolulu Community College in hopes of selling back a few text books, only to find out that the book buy back does not begin until NEXT week. So I biked back across town and up to UH Manoa to spend my day in the library, finishing my papers and writing my Strong Mind Healthy Body blog for the day. But the morning wasn’t a total waste since I got in a five mile ride before 10 am when 5 miles is usually my total for the entire day.


This last video is me riding up University Ave. to UH Manoa with one hand while the other held the camera. The risks I take to document my weight loss for you people! Well I made it up the hill safely and with enough energy left to lockup my bike, walk across campus while eating a mandarin orange (35 calories) and perform by blogging responsibilities. Now onto that paper that I’ve been procrastinating about.


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