Day 23/24: Holiday Eats

I feel like I’m on a food/travel hangover. My head is pounding, my body is aching and I have a wicked case of indigestion. This intense feeling of fatigue runs through me. It’s just a constant lack of energy allowing me to do the bare minimum. Luckily neither I or the kids have anywhere important to go or anything pressing to do.

It’s a lazy day. DVD Movies, Legos, Nintendo Games, Coloring Books and Couch Naps. The Fridge is full of Christmas Dinner leftovers, something I don’t want to look at or even think about.  But I guess I will recount some of the items that are lying in wait to be reused and reformed into another meal for the family.

Christmas Eve was all the seafood I brought home from Seattle. The Snow Crab Legs and whole Dungeness Crab went into a pot for steaming while the giant Lobster Tail baked in the oven until ready. Halibut filets were given a beer batter and fried. The jar of yearling oysters were eaten raw with a splash of shoyu (soysauce) and tabasco, a squeeze of lime and chased with Corona.

Whatever seafood wasn’t finished on Christmas Eve went into Christmas Day’s seafood paella, a well seasoned rice dish with red bell pepper and peas, chicken, sausage, both breeds of crab, lobster, clams, mussels and oysters. The paella was delicious and it’s a shame that no pictures survived of the mouthwatering dish.

The main attraction of Christmas Dinner was a five and a half pound USDA Choice Prime Rib Roast seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, ginger, garlic and alae salt. It’s only rival was a baked ham topped with grilled pineapple that had been seasoned with brown sugar. Christmas Dinner was excellent, so good that there was no room for dessert.

Now that I’ve survived Christmas, I look forward to a New Year. I never like to be that New Years Resolution kind of guy. It just seems so cliche to try and start over with the new year as if the start of a calendar year is a better time to try and change your life than any other time.

My hangover continues as my son is glued to his new Nintendo 3DS and my daughter plays with her brother’s Harry Potter Legos which took a distant second place to his new handheld video game. I belch in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure, realizing that the burning is of no real relief.

I just helped my son get through a tough level of Super Mario 3D Land and I can see the allure.  I wish I could spend the entire day playing video games but the truth is, I just don’t have the energy.


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