Day 32: Alternative Exercises

I don’t mean to brag, but I had sex last night. Actually it was about three o’clock this morning. It was one of those woke up horny in the middle of the night feelings that compelled me to bother my wife for some lovin. A half hour later I was taking a shower and thought to myself, hey that was a pretty good work out.

It got me thinking. What other kind of activities can I do to burn calories that I usually wouldn’t think of as exercise.  When I think of the word exercise I tend to think of it as work. Something I have to do but don’t always want to.

Cold Showers: This sounds like something to do when you’re not getting any sex but I’ve read that it’s a good calorie burner. Since your body is constantly trying to keep it’s temperature at 97 degrees, it has to work extra hard to do this when you’re cold. A thirty minute cold shower can potentially burn up to 500 calories, or so I’ve read.

Drink Cold Water: It’s the same idea as cold showers.

Fidgeting: I’m not a fidgeter, in fact I’m pretty good at playing dead but I’ve read that people who fidget whether it’s shaking their leg or tapping their fingers burn more calories than those who don’t. On my flight home from Seattle the girl sitting next to me was very skinny and she kept shaking her leg through the entire flight, Six Hours!

Sleep: The more you sleep, the more calories you burn. That’s no problem for me. I always get a full eight hours of sleep and sometimes take an hour nap in the afternoons. I’ve read that you burn 50% more calories when you’re sleep than when you’re awake.

A skinnier me with my son James (six years ago)

Playing with kids: Children are little balls of energy and can almost always run an adult ragged without even trying. My kids are no exception. I try to take them to the park or the beach every other day for an hour long play session. Keeping up with the kids is not only good exercise but good fun.

James and Julie at Kailua Beach Park

What else can you do to burn calories? My wife likes to drink green tea and I’ve read that it can help. Gum chewing? I’m not a gum chewer but it sounds like the same thing as fidgeting.

Please share if you can think of any other calorie burning activities.


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