Day 40: Hiking in Makiki

Today I went hiking in Makiki!

Going Up

Lo'i Kalo

Makiki Valley Loop Trail

3 Trails in 1.. plus a few more.

Makiki Stream

Hawaiian Stone Wall

This canopy tunnel was really cool!

A view of the Pacific ocean.

Here is where the trail splits.

Taking a break on the trail.

James on a hike.

Diamond Head and Waikiki

Nahuina Trail has the best views.

Pearl City and Pearl Harbor

Ualaka'a Trail - Next Time!

Maikiki has a whole network of trails.

Makiki Valley has great hiking trails.

"Let everybody pitch in and work together."


2 responses

  1. It’s my wish that one day I got to stop and visit Hawaii. I transitted in Hawaii twenty years ago, but that was just stopping at the airport for an hour or so.

  2. What a beautiful place to hike, and on such a lovely day, here in sunny England we are normally snowed in at this time of year! and the hiking is over cold vast moors as opposed to tropical paradise! As well as my hiking/ski jacket, I’d be wearing a thermal layer, a base layer, a jumper, hat, gloves, walking trousers and waterproofs!

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