Day 43: Up, Down, In Between

When I began this blog I weighed 250 lbs and had a strong motivation to lose weight. In the first week I shocked myself with a 10 lb weight loss. Unfortunately the next few weeks coincided with the holiday season and those 10 lbs were easily put back on.

With the New Year and a new perspective I began to exercise and eat healthy but my motivation wasn’t nearly as strong as it was in the beginning. I was determined to move forward but this time at a slower pace. Lately it seems that my motivation to exercise and eat healthy has been up, down and in between.

Some days it’s like I’m bursting with energy and I’m willing to climb stairs, run laps or hike mountains. Other days I can’t find an ounce of motivation to do anything and I spend my day indoors in front of the television. I need to keep my goal at the forefront of my mind.

Eating healthy has been up and down also. I tend to eat pretty well in the morning and afternoon but as the evenings roll around I’m more prone to give in to my cravings. It’s not that I’ve been eating terribly unhealthy but I could be doing better.

Weight loss progress: As of today I weigh 245 lbs. My weight loss in on par with my motivation and discipline. Up, Down and In Between. I’ve lost 10 lbs, gained 10 lbs and lost 5 lbs. Some progress is better than no progress I  guess.

I’ve been bike riding a lot lately. Thursday I biked six miles between home and campus. Friday I biked two miles in the morning and then walked another three miles in the afternoon. My movement for today was zero miles. I tried to plan a hike with some of my classmates from Spanish class but it fell through.

I have to ask. What motivates you? How do you stay on track? What do you tell yourself when you don’t want to exercise or when you’re tempted to eat something which might not be to your benefit?


2 responses

  1. I absolutely need myfitnesspal to stay on track and so I don’t lure myself thinking I eat healthy when I am not. I also need to keep fast low calories snack on hand, like pre-cut celery sticks and I put a little cheese on them, cucumber ,rice cakes instead of bread sometimes. It’s funny, when I try to skip my work-out, I tend to eat not as god and end up having to do it later anyway to keep myself on calorie goal. 🙂 I have to watch out for my brain who wants to trick me when I am too hungry so I eat often. lol

  2. I’ve been a runner for ten years. I started because I got up to 195 – and the day before I started, I actually decided to succumb to the weight gain, or to put it simply, just get fat. I usually take some time off during the winter because it’s cold and gray and nasty, but not this year. I got into cycling in the summer and started training and running triathlons – I’ve never had so much fun and I’ve never looked so good or been in such good shape.

    My trick to stay on track is friends. I belong to a loosely put together running club that meets every Saturday morning (rain, snow or shine). When one of us wants to sit it out, we call one of the others to get reeled back in. Ultimately, my fitness is on me so when I’m feeling out of it, I call my buddy Pete or Dennis and make some plans to go for a run. I have my bike on a trainer at my office and I ride that for a 1/2 hour – 45 minutes Monday thru Thursday and do 100 push-ups a day (sometimes 200) so I can stay in shape for next summer when I’ve got a 100km ride, a 100 mile ride, two Olympic Triathlons and a Tough Man (half Ironman) planned. Today, Pete and I are taking our kids to the High School pool to go swimming for an hour and a half. Yesterday I ran 7.2 miles with my buddy Jeff who will run the two tri’s with us in the summer…Thursday nights I run with Dennis – a 5k. I’m doing the two rides with my buddy Steve (who’s also a bigger guy). That’s what motivates me (friends and keeping my shape up for the summer so I can get my tri’s in).

    When I get that thought in my head that I don’t want to go out, I tell that member of the committee to shut the hell up – that’s when I know it’s most important to hit the road.

    Finally, I put in so many miles during the week that I can eat whatever I want – I just make sure to push myself away from the table when I’m full. I’ve been able to stay between 157 and 159 since July (down from 171 where I was for 9 years) – even through the holidays when I ate like a horse and only gained 1 pound.

    Good luck, and don’t put too much emphasis on your day to day moods – work on not getting too high or too low, smooth out the roller coaster.

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