Day 39: Back to School

Today was my first day back to school. Let the weight loss begin!

For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of oatmeal and a mandarin orange. I took my son to school and my daughter to her Auntie’s house before making the one mile bike ride up to the UH Manoa campus.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I have back to back Religion classes. After class I walked through the Sustainability Courtyard on campus to see if the vegetarian restaurant had spicy garlic veggies but they didn’t. I decided to try the sauteed teriyaki sesame vegetables instead. They were good, but not great.

It was a one mile bike ride back home. I picked up my daughter first and we walked the last few blocks from her Auntie’s house on Lime St. to our Kalakaua Ave apartment. We had a nice, quiet, relaxing two hours together before Mom came home and before it was time to pick up my son from school.

At 4:30 this afternoon/evening I had a quick dinner. My usual turkey sandwich on wheat bread with some mixed greens. The plate looked kind of empty and I thought about adding some chips (yes I still have chips in the house) but I didn’t.

My last class of the day is Spanish 102. Part II of a IV part language requirement that I need to graduate with my bachelors degree. My Spanish class is at a different campus, Kapiolani Community College which is a two mile bike ride and what used to be a quarter mile bike push up a pretty steep incline.

I left the house at five and reached Kapiolani or KCC as it is known at about 5:30. I made the effort to actually bicycle up the incline that I usually end up walking and made it about half way before giving up. Class was good. The professor, Fernand Cortiguera is a really fun guy. He’s half Spanish and half French and grew up in Africa, Kenya I think.

After class (eight o’clock at night) I bicycled the two miles back home. It was dark and the roads were wet from some passing showers but I was prepared with my helmet and flashing lights. When I got home I was hungry, really hungry. Two mandarin oranges later and my hunger has subsided, for now.

It was a good day today. I bicycled six miles and ate pretty healthy. No other exercises going on right now. My ass, I mean gluts, are sore. It was the body weight squats and lunges from yesterdays attempt at the Dynamic Warm Up on Nerd Fitness. Well now that I think about it, I could do a quick home workout for my upper body tonight. Some curls and shoulder rolls, upright rows and close grip shoulder press. Yeah I can do that!


Day 22: Home Sweet Home

I got in last night at about 10PM (Hawaii Time) and it feels so good to be home. My wife and kids picked me up at the airport.I missed them so much! Once we got home, I unpacked my suitcase and handed out the souvenirs, t shirts and toys that I collected on my trip to Seattle. The major attraction is the box of seafood I picked up from the Pike Place Market. A pound of Halibut fillets, a two pound Lobster Tail, a pound of Snow Crab legs, a big Dungeness Crab and a jar of Yearling Oysters. This is going to be one hell of a Christmas Dinner.

Now that I’m home, it’s back to work on my healthy lifestyle. First things first, climb up on the scale and see what kind of damage was done during my weeklong hiatus. To my pleasant surprise I actually maintained my weight of 240 pounds. I guess all of the walking canceled out all of the eating. So with no extensive harm done to my weight loss progress, I can pick up exactly where I left off. Push Ups!

It’s Christmas Eve and my wife is at work making double pay on this holiday while I sit home with the kids, playing Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Wii, watching Dora’s Fiesta on DVD and cleaning up the apartment as much as I can. At least we’ll have Christmas Day together, and the 30th/31st which is my sons 6th birthday followed by New Years Eve. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and now I’m eating a mandarin orange as I sit and think about some the delicious foods I ate while I was away. A montage begins to play in my head…


Chicken Fried Steak


Shrimp, Crab, Oysters. YUM


Crab Cake Eggs Benedict


Mac n Cheese


I'm only human


Picnic Lunch


Spicy Chicken Stick

I didn’t take pictures of everything that went into my mouth. There was the cup of clam chowder from Lowell’s, a Maple Bar and Apple Fritter from Top Pot Doughnuts, Fish and Chips from Ivar’s, a double bacon cheese burger with onion rings from Johnny Rockets and several visits to Chipotle for a burrito and/or soft tacos, “I really love that place.”

It’s amazing that with all the food I consumed and the types of food I consumed that I didn’t put on an ounce of weight. Well maybe an ounce. I owe it all to the streets of Seattle which I walked up and down, back and forth, north to south for seven days strait. I know that city like the back of my hand. From Washington to Broad Street and from 1st Ave up to Broadway. I’ve seen it all and I did it all.


Day 5 – Part II: Counting Calories

It’s almost seven o’clock in the evening and I just had a homemade spicy chicken and pepper jack cheese quesadilla. Yum! This is one of my favorite things to cook at home. It doesn’t take much. I planned on making a video of the preparation or taking some photos of the finished product, perhaps another day.

Flour tortilla – 130 calories, 30 from fat

Cheese – 110 calories, 80 from fat

Shredded chicken, light and dark –  150 calories

1 Tblspn canola oil – 120 calories, 120 from fat

2 Tblspn Salsa – 20 calories

It was about 510 calories and well worth it since I’ve been dining on apples, oranges and pretzel twists lately.

This morning was a bowl of cereal – 170 calories with skim milk – 90 calories.

Midday snacks of a mandarin orange – 35 calories and pretzels – 240 calories.

Tortilla chips and salsa – 280 calories.

Grand total for Day 5 is 1345 calories, just under my 1400 calorie average. Somebody gets a cookie later, I mean an apple!

My calories count for yesterday…

Mandarin oranges (2) – 70 calories

Honey wheat pretzel twists  – 240 calories

Tortilla chips and salsa – 280 calories

Before going to class I shared a pack of Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Style Noodles with my son – 470 calories, 180 from fat which only half went to me.

Noodles – 235 calories, 60 from fat

Mandarin oranges (2) – 70 calories

And for dessert, a chocolate chip cookie – 100 calories

Total for Day 4 was only 995 calories. Wow, that’s low!