Day 48: Veggie Madness

I woke up this morning to a kitchen filled with veggies. My wife went to the market in Chinatown and went crazy on the vegetable  stalls.

Top, left to right: Frozen corn, Squash, Carrots, Egg Plant, Tofu, Taro, Yellow Onion, Sweet Potato, Red Bell Pepper, Green Bell Pepper, Okra, Cherry Tomato, Garlic, Red and Green Chili Pepper, Cooking Banana, Long Beans, String Beans.

For breakfast I had a three egg omelette with green bell pepper, tomato and onion, splashed with Tabasco. Yum!

My daughter said, “Bye Daddy, have a good day.”

For lunch today I had a mixed veggie plate with my favorite Spicy Garlic Veggies, some Tomato Parmesan Veggies and Saffron Rice with Salad. And that little piece of Baklava was delicious.

Lunch was so filling that after three classes, an afternoon nap and a total of six miles on the bicycle today, I’m really not that hungry.

It’s nine o’clock PM. Good night Ya’ll!


Day 46: Apples and Almonds

This morning I bicycled to school.

I had a pair of granola bars between classes. (190 calories, 60 from fat).

I bicycled back home at about 1:30 PM for a total of two miles. I had a mandarin orange (35 calories) for a quick snack.

A few hours later, at about 3:30 I had a Fuji apple (100 calories) and a small sandwich, two thin slices of turkey on a single slice of whole wheat bread folded in half (150 calories).

At about 4:30 I drank a cup of skim milk (90 calories) and had a 1/4 cup of whole almonds, roasted and salted (170 calories).

I bicycled to school for my night class, a roundtrip of 4 miles.

8:00 pm I had another small turkey sandwich (150 calories) and a second cup of skim milk (90) calories.

I think I’m done for the day. It’s only 980 calories. Way below what I should have consumed today but it’s late at night and I’m not really hungry. What should I do? Maybe got eat some chips and cookies to boost my daily calorie count?

Apples and Almonds are a good snack. I’m going to make those my main snacks from now on. Skim Milk, 2 cups a day for strong bones. Veggies, I’m still working on those. And exercise, yeah that too.

Day 35: Vegetable Omelette for Two

For breakfast today we shared a vegetable omelette. That’s right, another day off together, and she just asked me, “Are we going to go walk?” Why yes, yes we are!

You can’t really see the veggies, but they’re in there. It was just tomato and green bell pepper. The omelette was good and the veggies were nice and crunchy. We agreed that next time we will use more veggies and a wider variety of veggies. I want to see the veggies pouring out of the omelette, more veggies than egg. But it was a good start.

I had a cup of skim milk with my half omelette and wheat toast. Now I need to bike up to the University so I can drop a class and turn in a form to change my major.